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Friday, November 06, 2009

Gwen's Shopping Spree

Lately, I've thought about my friend Gwen. During my years as assistant principal, Gwen Cooley worked very closely with our school. She always cared about our students and was continually doing things to help out.

Her untimely death from cancer over fifteen years ago left a void in her family and our community.

Her husband Russell's death last month reminded me of Gwen's rich life.

I dug out the photo shown below. Under the photo, I'll tell the story.

Here's the story:

The East Beauregard Beta Club sold tickets on a "buggy run." The winning ticket got a two-minute shopping spree at the local Brookshire Bros. supermarket.

Gwen Cooley, being the school supporter she was, bought a ticket and was selected as the winner.

Teacher Sally Heise (shown in the photo with Gwen) was the Beta Sponsor. She told me, "Mrs. Cooley won, and with her age and size I don't think she'll be able to shop too fast. That means we'll make more profit."

I laughed. "Gwen Cooley has worked hard for all of her life and has raised both her children and grandchildren. She knows how to shop. Don't underestimate her."

As the photo so vividly shows, Gwen went straight to the commercial products aisle and started hefting those big cans and containers.

She loaded her cart quickly and expertly. When it was all over, the Beta Club actually lost money on the buggy run fundraising project.

And Gwen left Brookshire's with a trunkload of groceries to feed her large family.

I always smile when I see this photo or share this story.
My friend Gwen. A Sugartown woman with a big heart and a life full of sweet deeds.



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